• Burritos
  • Grilled decorated meat and spices
  • Exterior, view from the street


About us


What is Chili? It is our dream and imagination of the restaurant that we loved and to which we dedicated ourselves.

Chili is the food – the authentic Sichuan food – cooked by the chefs who received the honor of a Michelin star. Our head chef is Peter He 何少岩, an expert in Sichuan food who was the head chef and oversaw the kitchen that was awarded a Michelin star from 2013 to 2019.

Chili is a beautiful space – reimagined differently now with music and images from the 1930s.

Chili is something new built on the old restaurant concept that we, in fact, always helped to bring to life.

It is here that we want to offer wonderful, classic, traditional Sichuan dishes in this new space to people who want to come and enjoy them …

So please come to Chili … we can’t wait to welcome you